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Who are we?

Live-cell agency is a progressive and innovative digital marketing agency founded in 2021. It establishes unique digital systems for brands and those who want to become brands, using artificial intelligence and no-code technologies. Digital systems include: Web design, SEO studies, Media strategies and marketing activities.

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Live-Cell Group

Our References.

"As Aslankoç Law Office, we have been greatly satisfied working with Live-Cell Agency in the field of digital marketing. The services we received in SEO and blog content significantly increased the visibility and organic traffic of our website."

Aslankoç Hukuk  (Referans)
Avitek Arge (Referans)

"As Avitek R&D, thanks to their successful efforts in digital marketing strategies, we've seen a significant increase in customer acquisition and, for this reason, I can confidently recommend them as a reference."

"Our collaboration with Live-cell Agency as Two's Touch, particularly in terms of advertising and branding, has led to great success. Their mobility and innovative approach have added significant value to our brand."

Two's Touch  (Referans)

What We Do?

Artificial Intelligence Integrations

At Live-Cell Agency, we enhance user satisfaction and reduce response times through instant customer support provided by our chatbots. Our visual bots establish interactive communication by guiding customers through complex processes and offering personalized assistance. Through AI integrations, we empower your business to be smarter and more effective in various areas, automating your processes to boost efficiency.

Social Media and Content Management

We are aware of the impacts of visual media. Therefore, we professionally identify and bring to life every type of content your brand may need. With compelling materials such as interviews, promotional films, and video content, we enhance the vitality and effectiveness of your brand.

Performance Marketing

We professionally manage Pay-Per-Click campaigns for you on prestigious digital platforms such as Google, LinkedIn, and Instagram Ads. By ensuring access to the right audience to achieve your goals, we help expand your audience while meticulously keeping your budget under control to assist you in obtaining the desired results.

Web Services

Web services are at the core of our digital ecosystem, designed to meet your brand's specific UI and UX standards. With our SEO efforts, we ensure access to current searches and develop various strategies to increase conversions. Using no-code technologies like Wix studio and , we customize the design and create the most impressive web experience for you.

No-Code Technologies

No-Code Technologies refer to systems created with algorithms without requiring software coding. Among the advantages of these technologies is their budget-friendliness, as it is possible to bring desired projects to life without the need for a large team and workforce. (We can bring most applications in the modern era to life with no-code technologies.)

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