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Who are we?

Live-cell agency is a progressive and innovative digital marketing agency founded in 2021. It establishes unique digital systems for brands and those who want to become brands, using artificial intelligence and no-code technologies. Digital systems include: Web design, SEO studies, Media strategies and marketing activities.

Our Mission.

We are an agency that is revolutionizing the field of digital marketing. Our mission is to help businesses take solid steps into the future by guiding their digital transformation journeys in a strong and effective way, and to ensure that businesses are 100% integrated with new technologies in this process.

Our Vision.

As a marketing agency that designs the future today, we bring together the power of innovation and technology: No-Code and Artificial Intelligence.
Our vision is to accompany the digital transformation processes of businesses, introduce them to developing technologies and help them complete the digital transformation. Thanks to No-Code platforms that eliminate the need for traditional coding, we enable everyone to participate in the digitalization journey.

Get to know us better.

  • Live-Cell Agency is an innovative digital marketing agency founded in 2021 with a visionary perspective. Our aim is to help brands and those who want to become brands to make a difference in the digital world by establishing advanced digital systems. By using No-Code and Artificial Intelligence technologies, we enable our customers to be pioneers in their digital transformation journey.

  • Take strong steps with Live-Cell Agency to be at the forefront in the digital world. We maximize the potential of businesses thanks to the customized solutions we offer in many areas as well as web design, SEO studies, media strategies and marketing activities.

  • At Live-Cell Agency, we work together as a team to create strategies that embrace our clients' goals. By combining the power of innovation, creativity and technology, we become a leader in the transformation of the digital world.

  • Meet Live-Cell Agency to step into the digital marketing solutions of the future and get ahead of your competitors. Let us take your brand and business to new horizons with our special digital systems. Join us on the path to success and discover the power of the digital world.

Halil İbrahim Ordulu

Halil İbrahim

Digital Marketing Expert / Founder

Ömer Taha Çiftçi


SEO and Content Specialist



3D and Graphic Design Manager



Graphic Design and Video Editor



No-Code and Software Manager



E-Commerce and Advertising Strategist



Sales and Marketing Responsible



Video Editor and Cameraman



Junior UX/UI Design Specialist



Senior UX/UI Design Specialist



UX/UI Design Team Director

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